Marriage Is A Shadow of A Future Reality

A Peep Into The Glory To Come

God oftentimes reveals to us things to come and the nature of a future reality by giving us types and shadows. Examples include

1)  The tabernacle in the wilderness & the real tabernacle in Heaven

2)  The manna in the wilderness & Jesus Christ the real bread of    


3)  The animal blood sacrifices & Jesus Christ The Lamb of God

4)  The offering of Isaac by Abraham & God the Father offering His Son Jesus Christ

5)  The many parables that our Lord taught were and still are pictures that illustrate divine truths

The marriage relation is unique because it is a foreshadow of a relationship to come. The Bible gives us an understanding that there is a unique relationship between Jesus Christ and the church, His body. The Bible describes this relationship in terms that are consistent with terms used for the marriage relationship. Some examples are:

1) Jesus Christ is referred to as the bridegroom (Matthew 9:15);

2) There is a wedding feast that takes place in heaven       

    (Revelation 19:9);

3) There are invitations given to attend the wedding         

    (Matthew 22: 1-10);

4) There is a parable about persons not having the right wedding

    garments (Matthew 22: 11-14);

5)  John the Baptist refers to himself as the friend of the    bridegroom (John 3:29);

6)  Jesus states that He is going away to prepare a place for His

   followers in His Father’s house, and that he will come again to

   receive them. This was a Jewish custom of that time for men who    

   were engaged to a woman in preparation for the wedding (John

   14: 1-4);

7)  The wise and foolish virgins who were waiting for the return of

    the bridegroom (Matthew 25: 1-13); 

8) Being joint-heirs with Jesus Christ (Romans 8:17);

9)  Jesus’ prayer and expectation of being one with His followers

    (John 17:20-26);

The list could go on. This is but a sample of the way the scriptures give us light that there is coming a time when all true believers, disciples of Jesus Christ, will experience in real time a new relationship with Him that is like marriage. This is why it is imperative that Christians see the tremendous importance of their marriage relationship. They should see that our marriages do affect the lives of many others. It is an awesome thing to see that your marriage has eternal impact. It is a great wonder of God’s wisdom in His fashioning marriage making men and women different to carry out His glorious purpose. Your marriage is a vital part of it. Don’t ever forget it!


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