Marriage – The Picture of Christ

God really has some very different ways of presenting truth to us. He has a record of using pictures and types to represent some very important truths. If you were to look for a picture of Christ where would you go? Some might say, well the church, not any church but one where real christians are experiencing true love and community with one another. That may be a good answer, but as we remember that the church is the Body of Christ. All of the interaction would then be action between and among the various members of Christ’s Body.

Can I suggest that the only picture is marriage? Marriage where the husband is representing Christ as the Head, and the wife is representing the Church as the Body. A marriage where both husband and wife are living out Head and Body is the only picture of Christ bodily. Now for even this to happen, Christ Himself has to be living fully in both the husband and the wife. In other words the husband lets Christ be the head in his relationship with his wife. The wife also lets Christ be the body in her relationship with her husband. Together both letting Christ be Himself in each of them will then and only then give an expression of Christ, both Head and Body.

Now it is child’s play to see why God would say to every husband, do not put away your wife. You represent me. I have declared that I will never leave you nor forsake you. Let me be that to your wife. And to the wife God says do not leave your husband. Let me be the who humbled Himself in obedience all the way to the cross. What God requires for both the husband and the wife He provides in Himself. He does the work just like Jesus said His Father did in Him.

Paul has a lot to say about marriage and marrying. In most cases he gave his spirit filled opinion, but he made it plain that the Lord commanded that we stay together and not put our spouses away, divorce them. Remember what He commands He fulfills if we let Him. If we try ourselves we will fail. It is God working in us both to will and to do His good pleasure in us. You are not able and I am not able. But He is able, capable, and willing. What a resource we have, what a life we have in Christ.

What a great calling God has placed on marriages. We know that God is faithful in that He provides great grace for great work that He wants to carry out through us. Every husband and every wife are precious pieces of the picture of Christ that no other relationship can come close to in expressing Him. For believers this is great news to know the glory of your calling as a husband  or as a wife.

Peter opens this even more when he addresses believers who have unbelieving spouses. There is a sanctifying power that the believing spouse has that affects the unbelieving spouse. Marriage is something else. It is hard difficult work. It is the target of so many of satan’s attacks. It is the picture of the one he hates most, Christ Himself. So think it not strange that christians are having such a hard time with their marriages. But if we could realize who we really are in Christ, and know the Christ that is in us, the one who is greater in us will stand up against all the tricks of the enemy and walk in victory.

My brother and sister, you are The picture of Christ. Let His life shine through you both. If you are struggling in your marriage, invite Christ to live Himself in you. He will take over you if you let Him. He will not overpower you. He waits for your invitation.


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